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Links to other sites with bird-related topics

The American Budgerigar Society
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.:
The Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors:
Quaker Parakeet Society:
American Cockatiel Society: – an online magazine for avian enthusiasts.
Wild Bird Rehabilitation – St. Louis area wild bird nonprofit


Tambopata Macaw ProjectVisit them in Peru, or find out more at their websitePDF about the project


NestWatch Logo

The NestWatch project – Citizen-Scientists collecting nesting data


Cornell Lab Logo

The NestCams project – Peek into wild bird nests…


AAV Logo

Information about the organization and a locator for its members.


Photo-Alex and Irene

The Alex Foundation

Dr. Irene Pepperberg, researcher in avian cognition and communication.


Gabriel Foundation Log

The Gabriel Foundation

A nonprofit corporation promoting education, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary for the needs of parrots everywhere.



Bird Club based in Springfield, Illinois (click logo)