Lending Library

GPC members get to borrow from our selection of DVDs and books below. Please contact Christine Kincade with your request, and, if it’s available, she will bring the requested item for you to borrow to the next Gateway Parrot Club meeting.


The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”, by Mark Bittner, copyright 2004

The true story of Mark Bittner and his interaction with a wild flock of cherry-headed conures in San Francisco, CA. during the 1990’s. Mark Bittner tells how he became fasci-nated by the birds and patiently developed a friendship with them that would last more than six years. There are a few black & White pictures. (287 pages).

The New Parrot Handbook”, by Werner Lantermann, copyright 1985

A comprehensive book about parrot husbandry, purchasing, housing, care, diet, diseases, breeding, and more. Includes data on 35 species, 30 drawings, 50 full color photos, and 35 maps indicating distribution of parrots. (144 pages).

Eclectus Parrots”, by Katy McElroy, copyright 2002

A must read for the eclectus owner or if you are considering an eclectus as a companion parrot. This book will give you all the information that you will need to know to get started on eclectus parrots as pets. Color photos and illustrations. (95 pages).

Guide To A Well-Behaved Parrot”, by Mattie Sue Athan, copyright 1993

A parrot-care handbook that helps you understand parrot psychology as the first step in dealing with the most common parrot behavior problems —- screaming, biting, and feather chewing. Full color photos. (143 pages)

Parrots of the World”, by Joseph Forshaw, copyright 1977

A large encyclopedia-type book that recognizes all parrots of the word and where they come from. Includes full color illustrations plus black & white illustrations.      (583 pages).

The African Grey”,  by Julie Rach, copyright 2001

Everything you need to know about behavior and well-being of your African Grey. A resource book that includes web-sites of interest to bird owners. Color photos.  (126 pages).

Alex and Friends”,  by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, copyright 1998

This book addresses animal talking, thinking, and intelligence with emphasis on Alex, the African Grey, and his owner, Irene Pepperberg. Lots of color photos. (96 pages).

First Aid for Birds”, by Julie Rach with Gary A. Gallerstein, copyright 1999

This book is for pet owners that focuses on administering first aid to birds. You will learn step-by-step information on emergency situations, how to quickly save your bird’s life by taking actions, and how to prevent emergencies by feeding your bird a balanced diet, regularly trimming his wings and nails, and bird-proofing your home. Several color photos. (126 pages).

Guide To The Quaker Parrot”,  by Mattie Sue Athan, copyright  1997

Here is everything you need to know about caring for and training your Quaker parrot, including a section on first aid and medical care that can be related to any parrot. The book also lists the things you will need for a home emergency kit. Full color photos and illustrations. (122 pages).

African Gray Parrots”,  by Annette Wolter, copyright 1987

Answers to all your questions about raising African Gray Parrots: feeding, behavior, health, and breeding. Informative and clear enough for young pet owners. Eight pages of full-color photos plus drawings. ( 61 pages).

Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Pet Birds”, by Matthew M. Vriends, copyright 1984

A field guide to identifying various birds kept as pets. Contains 206 of the most popular and the most unusual pet birds. The entries provide information on size, origin, eggs and nest, breeding and hatching, and behavior. Over 300 color photos. (320 pages).

Alex & Me”, by Irene Pepperberg, copyright  2008

Alex, an African Grey parrot, died at the age of 31. This book is a tribute to Alex and the bond that existed between him and Irene Pepperberg. Alex and Irene had worked together in animal research for over 30 years. Through Alex, Irene showed the world that Alex was capable of independent thinking, including the ability to add; understand concepts like bigger, smaller, more, fewer, and none; and to sound out words. (232 pages).

Macaws”, by Roger G. Sweeney, copyright 1992

A pet owner’s manual with a special chapter on understanding macaws and profiles of the species. Photos and drawings. 79 pages.


“Get Your Bird Back!”, by Barbara Heidenreich and Robin Shewokis, copyright 2009.

Advice on what to do when a parrot is lost.


Captive Foraging, The Next Best Thing to Being Free”, by M. Scott Echols, copyright 2006.
This DVD will help you to understand the natural instinct of all animals to forage, how to redirect this energy in a captive bird to prevent unwanted behaviors, how to build a foraging tree for a bird in a home, and how to create foraging toys to keep your birds occupied and happy.

“Expert Companion Bird Care Series: Vol 1”, by M. Scott Echols and Brian L. Speer, copyright 2010.
How to identify commonly kept parrot species, housing your pet bird, basic avian nutrition, household dangers and toxins, identifying when your bird is sick, and how to select an avian veterinarian. 88 minutes.

Birdkeeping Made Simple”, by Yvonne Patterson (Wings of Love),
This DVD covers which bird may be best for you, bathing your bird, nutrition importance, perch training, toy safety, feather picking, micro chipping, wing trimming, and more. Yvonne instructs you through this video with her pleasant, easygoing manner.

Parrot Behavior & Training-Part 1”, by Barbara Heidenreich, copyright 2006
This DVD, “Introduction to Training,” teaches behavior basics and tools for training your bird through positive reinforcement. Barbara Heidenreich has been an animal trainer and behavior consultant since 1990 and has trained birds and their handlers around the world.

Parrot Behavior & Training-Part 2”, by Barbara Heidenreich, copyright 2007
This DVD, “Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam,” shows how to train your bird to step up onto new people, enter and exit a carrier, allow restraint in a towel, tactile exam, nail and feather trimming, and more.

Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam”, by Barbara Heidenreich, copyright 2007.
This DVD shows how to train your bird to step up onto new people, enter and exit a carrier, allow restraint in a towel, tactile exam, nail and feather trimming, and more.

Parrot Behavior and Training”, by Barbara Heidenreich, copyright 2006.
An introduction to parrot training using positive reinforcements.

Understanding Parrot Body Language”, by Barbara Heidenreich, copyright 2008.
In this DVD you will learn how to ‘read a parrots body language’ to determine if your parrot is comfortable, showing a fear response, exhibiting aggressive behavior, and more. 

Fantastic Performing Parrots”, by Tani Robar, copyright 2004.
This is Disk 1 of four DVDs which features five parrots presenting a lively and entertaining display of bid tricks. Features “Cassie” as seen on Animal Planet.

Teach Your Parrot Beginning Tricks”, by Tani Robar, copyright 2004.
This is Disk 2 of four DVDs. This DVD is designed to teach you the basic steps to teach your parrots.

Teach Your Parrot Intermediate Tricks”, by Tani Robar, copyright 2004.
This is Disk 3 of four DVDs. This DVD is designed to teach you the intermediate tricks to teach your parrots.

Teach Your Parrot Advanced Tricks”, by Tani Robar, copyright 2004.
This is Disk 4 of four DVDs. This DVD is designed to teach you the more advance tricks to teach your parrots.