Monthly meetings begin at 1:00 PM at:

Kirkwood Community Center
111 South Geyer Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122
Room 200 A/B

Upcoming GPC Meetings...

No upcoming events!

Past GPC Meetings...

Date: 6/16/2024
Speaker: TBD

Date: 5/19/2024
Speaker: TBD

Date: 4/21/2024
Speaker: Dr. Davis Kersting
Description: A must see presentation! Join the Gateway Parrot Club on Sunday April 21 to learn the latest information on Avian Bornavirus, presented by Dr. Kersting of Bird Medicine and Surgery.

Date: 3/17/2024
Speaker: TBD

Date: 2/18/2024
Speaker: Leslie Elpers
Description: A Photographic Tour of the Birds of Australia

Date: 1/21/2024
Description: A birding trip through Australia

Date: 12/17/2023
Description: Annual Pot Luck Holiday Party
If you would like to participate in a friendly game of ROB YOUR NEIGHBOR, please bring a wrapped $10 gift.

Date: 11/19/2023
Speaker: TBA

Date: 10/15/2023
Speaker: TBA

Date: 9/17/2023
Speaker: TBA

Date: 8/20/2023
Speaker: TBA

Date: 7/16/2023
Speaker: Veronica Seawall
Description: Endangered Wolf Center

Date: 6/11/2023
Speaker: Heidi Hellmuth
Description: Upping Your Enrichment Game We all know how important enrichment is to our companion animals. This month’s talk will present information from a variety of different sources about ideas and methods to continue to elevate enrichment efforts for our birds. Additionally, members are encouraged to think about what enrichment strategies they find most effective with their own parrots, to share this with other attendees so we can all continue to learn and be inspired to continue to find ways to give our feathered friends the best and most interesting lives we can.

Date: 5/21/2023
Speaker: TBA

Date: 4/16/2023
Speaker: Nora Toney, RVT
Description: Fear Free Toweling Workshop Join us for this interactive workshop! Learn different methods of toweling your bird and tips for giving medicine. Bring a bird and a towel. Bring your clipped/harnessed bird OR a parrot stuffed animal. Speaker - Nora Toney, RVT Nora is a Registered Veterinary Technician. She’s currently the senior vet tech at the St Louis Aquarium at Union Station. She previously worked at an exotics only veterinary hospital and an avian veterinary office.

 For the past five years, Nora has been a dedicated volunteer at STAR - St Louis Avian Rescue, assisting with education, health and behavior. 

 She got her first bird when she was 9 years old and has been in love ever since. She is currently owned by a Greenwing Macaw, Quaker, Pionus and two Parrotlets.

Date: 3/19/2023
Speaker: Diane Bricmont
Description: Diane is a Naturalist at the Chesterfield Wild Birds Unlimited, a Board Member and Field Trip Leader for St. Louis Audubon Society, and she teaches adult education birding classes at St. Charles Community College. She's also volunteers with eBird Reviewer and Wild Bird Rehabilitation. Diane has been birding for 40 years. When she's not birding, she's planning her next birding adventure. She shares her life with a 23 year old African Gray named Boo and a 13 year old Cockatiel named Jackson Browne Bird. TOPIC: The Wonders of Bird Migration

Date: 2/19/2023
Speaker: Marija Elden
Description: Marija Elden is a zoological manager of birds at the Saint Louis Zoo. Marija enjoys birding where possible and utilizing observations of birds in their native habitats to enrich the lives of birds at the Saint Louis Zoo. What does daily care for 70 penguins and 24 puffins look like? Managing colonies of seabirds requires special facilities and experienced staff. Learn about what it takes to manage the health and well-being of birds in all stages of life, why penguins molt catastrophically, and how we can protect our oceans to secure the future for all seabirds.

Date: 1/15/2023
Speaker: Diane Doster + Lori Moore-McMullen
WHEN? Sunday January 15, 2023 at 1pm
WHAT? Club meeting at 1p followed by mingling and lunch prepared by Chef Christine. Speaker at 2p.
Executive Director Lori Moore-McMullen and
President Diane Doster of Wild Bird Rehabilitation
Lori Moore-McMullen, CFRE, has more than 30 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector. She began her role as Executive Director of Wild Bird Rehabilitation in June, 2022. She volunteered at the center for a year, helping with bird care and as chair of the Finance Committee, before taking her staff role. Prior to joining WBR she served as Chief Development Officer for 16 years at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.
Diane Doster is the President of Wild Bird Rehabilitation and has been with the non-profit for 24 years. Previously, Diane was a paralegal working in the area of personal injury. Now she dedicates her time to helping with injured song birds.

Date: 12/18/2022

About Our Meetings...

Anyone can attend - new members, old members, non-members, future members and BIRDS! We look forward to seeing all of you. Not a member, but want to be? Join the club at the meeting and your $20 membership will run through the end of 2023!

Club meeting at 1p followed by mingling and lunch prepared by Chef Christine. Speaker at 2p

We will have our monthly raffle table (tickets for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00) as well as a membership drive for new members and renewals.

Fully flighted birds MUST be on a harness or remain in a carrier. While clipped/unflighted birds are welcome to attend without a harness or carrier, we strongly suggest using a carrier for transport to and from the venue.
Be tidy! We know parrots make it hard to stay clean. We all must be good pet parents and clean up after our own birds. Please clean up any messes as they occur so we leave the facility clean.

Masks are not required and the choice to continue masking is a personal one. Please be respectful of all attendees.